November 7, 2008

i completely forgot about wordpress until i was reminded in an email.
so i decided to make an update to my life.

i love my life.  i love hk, for right now.  actually its  a love, hate relationship. but i hate pressure from my teachers.  obama!  going to woodstock/the city next weekend.  totally pumped.  everyone should come wif me.  im trying really hard not to fail pre-calc, but its really hard.  its the best class though.  my art teacher is INSANE.  my gpa’s here from texas.  im very content with my life right now. i never see anyone i used to hang out with anymore, and it kind of makes me sad.  their probably happy though, so thats okay.i was a caterpillar! and zombie/scary thing? for halloween. i really want to buy a decent camera for woodstock/the city, but i know i shouldnt.  i probably wont.
so thats all i can come up with from the past couple of “weeks.” kind of random, but id thought id update yah.



Wake Up!

September 12, 2008

I thought I’d update my blog so here it goes.  I should start by saying, I have an amazing schedule this semester.  A-Portfolio, B-US History/Civics, C-PreCalc, D-Physical Science.  Im so glad I didnt take chemistry, or physics or all that craziness.  My classes aren’t that amazing because I have mostly academic, but I got really lucky with the people in my class.  And so far I feel like I’ve been in school for a day, but its been almost 3 weeks, i love that its going by fast!  Pray that it stays that way, haha.  Not only that but I get called out of my history class all the time to go over next year scheduling and college stuff, yes.  So this year, should be a great year.  Other than that, not too much is going on, I always have a lot of homework, but whatever, it happens.  I will finish updating later, but I will end with this, its been on my mind for the past couple weeks, and I need to just get it out before I yell at somebody, haha.   Read the rest of this entry »


September 4, 2008

Ive completely forgot about wordpress and checking it daily, so i just recently have read everyones blogs, unfortunately i havent commented all that ive read, but i did love all of them.
I have been thinking about what Mike had talked about on Sunday morning, and praying and trying to decide which fast im going to do.  So i dont know if im being completely ridiculous, but im going to try and do both the “Partial Fast” and the “Things Fast.”  I believe both will have great affect in my walk with God.  The Partial Fast i will do from the 5th (this Friday) to the 14th (10 days).  And depending on how things are going i will go to the 19th (15 days).  And for the Things Fast i will prevent myself from buying “un-needed” and “unnecessary ” items; things like: clothes, gum, starbucks/duncan donuts, out to eat, renting movies, going to the movies, etc.  And this Fast will go until the 19th, also starting the 5th.  

Awesome Story:
So as most of you know, my mom is pretty awesome, she’s one of the most influential adults in my life.  Not only do i look up to her, but i could only wish i accomplish some of what she has in her life.   She is always known for her hospitality, encouragement, and listening ear.  But this short story makes me even more thankful to have such an amazing mother.  
While driving to CVS, there was an old man was having trouble with his lawn, in putting leafs he had collected at the end of his property into a garbage bag to be disposed.  He had a rake in one hand, pushing the leafs towards the bag and the garbage bag in the other hand trying to hold it open to allow the leafs to go inside.  It was a windy day, and the garbage bag wouldn’t stay open, and as i sat in the drivers seat barely paying attention to anything but the red light in front of me, my mom says, “i would love to just help him.”  And i looked at her and said, “Do it, how awesome would that be.”  As the light turned green she looked over at me and says, “You dare me?”  “Yeah, you wouldn’t do it.”  So she signals me to pull over to the side, while everyone behind me was getting frustrated because we sat there wondering whether or not she was actually going to do it.  So i pulled over and she got out and he looked up at her and she said, “i just want to help you, here.”  So she held the bag and he raked the leafs into the garbage bag.  Meanwhile his wife came out and was like “Oh i would have helped him.”  My mom simple explains that she saw him and wanted to help him.  He was such a happy and cute little old man, and they smiled and my mom got back into the car and we drove off.  How awesome is she?  I love experiences like this.


August 12, 2008

i was thinking about ally today and how its going to be almost 2 months since she passed.  my mom had recently mentioned her mom, val, and just wondering how she might be doing.  and while passing the time through a long gaze at myspace i noticed her page and click on it and there is a place on your page where you can place a “quote.”  hers said,
it once again gave me so much comfort knowing she’s with god, but also in knowing that ally had touched her mom with god, and she has found strength in him.

Acts 7: control

August 11, 2008

key verse 7:56
“And he told them, “Look, I see the heavens opened and the Son of Man standing in the place of honor at God’s right hand!”

i wish i could see that, with god in full control.

take control.

Gotham City

August 9, 2008

Me, my dad, and Stacey went to nyc to see an art museum, The Metropolitan, and to “see” ny.  I loved the museum it was super huge and pretty.  There was so much in the museum that its been estimated to take at least 2 full days to walk throughout the whole building.  Obviously we dont have the time or money to do that, lol, so we saw the Egyptian art, American, some Chinese and Oceania art, Modern art, European Paintings, and the Roof Garden.  
Central Park, Soho, Time Square.

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Acts 6: prayer

August 4, 2008

key verse 6:4
“then we can spend our time in prayer and preaching and teaching the word.”

the verse speaks for itself, we need to spend our time in prayer and teaching the word to others.

i pray that i can spend more time in prayer and spreading the word, especially with a new school year coming up.